Fund Management Services

To address the new vision of financial credibility Equities. We’ve built an equities business and reputation around investment integrity, original thinking and innovation. 

We are focused on one of Europe’s & south Asia’s largest fixed income investors with a strong track record of active management across the globe Multi-asset Sustainability .We recognize that, increasingly, customers and clients are looking to align their investments with their environmental and social values and have a range of Planet+ funds with the potential to help meet this need.

Financial Consultant

As investors and stewards of our customers’ money, our customers are at the heart of our thinking about sustainability and the planet. We’re on a journey to transform our business to help our customers invest for a more sustainable future for the planet and society. 

When it comes to sustainability, it’s not enough to have good intentions. To ensure we deliver on our purpose to make the world a little better, in March 2021 we made some specific company-wide commitments in two areas we see as sustainability priorities: climate change, and diversity and inclusion.

Project Consultant

A project management consultant plays the role of a planner, advisor, and a project management team leader to conceptualize and implement solutions that relate to quality or process improvements. Project management consultants are valuable assets to any organization as they enable the stakeholders of a project to identify and rectify inefficiencies in processes and workflows.

Project management consultant duties often involve managing a number of different projects simultaneously, which can be either enterprise-wide initiatives or business-specific projects.

Liasioning Services

REYCON INDIA CORPORATION is a INDIA-based independent international business communications and other business process outsourcing service provider.

We provide fast, high quality and efficient administrative/clerical back-office and/or other business support outsourcing services to bring great success on your businesses in a cost-effective, honest, trustworthy and reliable manner. 

Our proposals for the outsourced liaison services will be offered in various ways to satisfy a wide range of demands in accordance with your requirements/requests and to help you increase profitability of your GLOBAL businesses.